Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Join PEEPs

Welcome to PEEPs-Protect, Engage and Empower to Preserve the Future!

My mission is to engage and empower our youth through PEEPs.

My vision is to generate a force of people who are committed to building learning communities and unite that power when needed to make a difference and divide that power when needs be into smaller branches that is customizable to reach and meet the needs of communities, neighborhoods, families and individuals, with a focus on local economic business development, environmental needs, and local and global community awareness.

PEEPs is a grassroots effort whose purpose is to "Build Learning Communities." This is based on an idea of Alan November, a well-known education consultant who focuses on empowering students with technology and critical thinking skills so they can contribute to the world. He also emphasizes the importance of community involvement in the educational goals of the students. Here is a link to Alan November's TED speech explaining some of his ideas.

My non-profit organization will provide enriching activities that promote problem solving, critical thinking and community service. We need to unite the local businesses, churches, government, neighborhoods and families together to ensure we are providing the activities necessary for our youth to be successful citizens of their communities and prepare them with the needed skills for success in a global environment.

I am Michele Watkins. I am a 5th grade teacher at Cub Run Elementary in Centreville, VA which is in the Fairfax County Public Schools District. I believe my students and the teachers I work with deserve better than what they are getting and I am working with all my heart and soul to be an instrument for change. The changes here in Fairfax County over the last five years are indicative of changes in education across the United States. I hear over and over, "No one is listening to me." I hear that from teachers, parents, principals, curriculum developers, technology specialists and even unions. Many of us are talking till we are blue in the face and nothing is changing. 

These broken systems are wearing us out. These systems are eating individuals alive. We all know teachers who are having mental breakdowns, are getting medicated for depression, whose marriages and families are suffering, who are being singled out and bullied by administrators and who are ready to give up on teaching. 


We must come together to contend with this power that is sucking the life, strength, vitality and creativity that made America strong, out of us and our children.   If you are ready to join me and my PEEPs in building learning communities, click here now to join. 

I'd love for this to be free, but the reality is, causes take money. I'm asking for an optional $30 annual donation when you join PEEPs. Our youth deserve, and in fact, we all deserve the benefits of a nurturing environment that a strong learning community provides. Don't wait. Join now and be a part of the solution.

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